Young Adult Fiction Author


Benjamin studied first at St. Andrews, Scotland, and then undertook his DPhil at Queen’s College, University of Oxford. He specialised in Classics, spending his days locked in libraries exploring the wild world of Greek dreams. After several years writing reports for the British Government, he turned to fiction, where YA novels have given him the perfect outlet for his imagination. The Sleep is his debut novel. The writer currently lives in Canada, and spends his spare hours convincing his lazy dog to join him on walks.



Awake. Alone. Trapped on an island cursed by a secret.

Arriving on Dubcrag Isle was supposed to be a fresh start for sixteen-year-old Flynn. A chance to escape the bad influences of the city; begin again with his estranged family. Keeping a promise to behave so that one day, he might be able to return home. Trouble is, Flynn never knew that The Sleep was about to descend.

On a night that’s been brewing for a hundred years, Flynn must uncover the secret of the island before the entire population is consumed, never to awaken again.

Attacked by nightmares. Stalked by The Light. Betrayed by those he should trust.

This is going to be a long night…


“A mystery, vivid imagery and fast paced – this book is like a cross between the Maze Runner and the Hunger Games. A great thriller for any age group (I found it perfect for my daily commute on the tube!), it kept me guessing until the end and I loved the blend of reality with fantasy. More, please.
— L.K. Wells

“I took a gamble buying this, not knowing a great deal about the author but it’s proved to be a genuine hidden gem. It boasts a great mix of mystery, humour and interesting characters. Can’t wait for Hemingway’s next effort!”
— Mr J. Boon

“Subtly woven at the start into a very real, darkly drawn environment with engaging,
three-dimensional characters, the fantasy remains believable, growing with the pace and peril as this story pushes to its climax. A great first novel… looking forward to the next one.”
— Katherine Kelly

“This was a fun adventure book that was well written and stands out. I read a lot of young adult books and this is different to the standard post-apocalyptic storylines currently in fashion. I would recommend this book to others who enjoy Scott Westerfield’s style of writing.”
— F. Jones